Get Paid Weekly

Monitor your balance in real-time and ask payments by clicking the request payout button. You will receive the payment within 7 days.

EUR, USD or Crypto

Simcash can pay you in your favourite cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ripple. If you prefer you can request a transfer in Euro or US Dollars to your bank account.

Passive income

Joining Simcash is free and require no investment. Once you've setup the sims you can relax and the app will work for you, even in background.
You can chill and see your money grow without working at all.

Scale and multiply your earnings

Simcash helps you to succeed in many ways.

Full control

Decide how many SMS your sim can send daily, weekly or monthly.
You can also decide day-by-day how much to be paid for every SMS sent.

Dual sim

The app supports dual sim phones, doubling instantly your capacity.

One account, many phones

You can install the app on many devices simultaneously, all the sims will be linked to your account.

Remote monitoring

You can manage all the sims remotely directly from the app.
Change price and limits of your sim stack in a snap.

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